1917 – Donalson, young and silent, experiences the forgotten horrors of World War I as his squad undertakes a dangerous mission.

The Highway – A man crouches on the side of the highway and our narrator wonders what it means. For a moment, at least.


The Last Road – A man and a young girl traverse a dangerous road. My homage to post-apocalyptic fiction.

An Idiot At the Door – Standing outside of an apartment complex, I make a fool of myself. (Sadly, this is technically a nonfiction piece.)

The Devil and Jeff – I wake to find the devil sitting near my bed…


Deeper Than the Silence – A team of soldiers marches through the woods with their enemies closing in. [Warning: This story contains profane language.]

A Good Year – A priest reflects as he performs the rites of spring.

In the White City – Two walkers traverse the dead City of Kings.


The Signature Room – I had the good fortune to be asked to draft a pilot for a television show that never quite got off the ground. This is that pilot.

Water & Dust – When all that he has ever known turns to dust, when the waters dry up and his people begin to turn against him, what is left for a fallen king?


The Move – In the summer of 2010 I moved from Michigan to Oregon. For five days four of us crossed the country. It was a wild ride.


The White Leopard – A mute countryman hides in the trees and preys on soldiers until he begins to fear that he is the one being hunted.

The Pit – Young Blake and his friend Kaleb discover a gaping pit and delve into the deep parts of their world.

The Sack of Taevera – A Roman soldier learns that sometimes good men do terrible things to protect those that they love.

Mirrors – Dedicated to my father, through whose eyes the story is told.

Look to the Sky – Franklin Bonner is haunted by the memory of a volcanic eruption that destroyed the small village in which he was volunteering.


Fitzgerald – A poem. Yes, Caitlin, it’s a sad poem.


A Mighty Soul – Out on the sea the Captain begins to lose control of himself and his ship. Can Adams, his first mate, save the crew?


The Isle – The narrator struggles to deal with loss and finds unexpected aid in a mysterious journal.

Starlight: A Creation Story – A parable of man’s creation, hubris, and fall.


On the Fifteen – A stranger on the bus captures the narrator’s imagination.