The Labyrinth Within You

The Labyrinth Within You

At the climax of the 1986 muppet-dystopia Labyrinth, David Bowie's impressively-codpieced Jareth confronts Jennifer Connelly's emotionally ascendant Sarah in an Escheresque series of gravitationally impossible stairways. Frustrated by Sarah's continued rejection of his romantic overtures, Jareth makes one final attempt to subdue the object of his affection. He fails. But in the opening minute of [...]


The idea of truth serum - a tonic that compels its drinker to speak the truth when questioned - has a long and storied history. So why is it that when I think of truth serum I only ever think of one incarnation of it, the veritaserum of the Harry Potter universe? Oh, that's right. [...]

Made for the Screen

I had probably seen The Prince Bride (the movie) about twenty times before I realized that it more than just a brilliant Rob Reiner project and was actually based upon The Princess Bride (the book) by William Goldman. I was an ignorant child. So now, twenty odd years after I first fell in love with the film, [...]